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Mission of Hope

Brad Johnson was born while his mother, Sharon, was the Music Director at East Columbus UMC. While at ECUMC Sharon and husband, Bob, went on their first mission trip to Haiti in the late 1960's and the Lord spoke to them of the need within this small country for Christian help and assistance. Bob and Sharon felt the Lord calling them to full-time mission work in Haiti and through their stateside ministry in Bethany, Missouri, began building the Hope Mission in Haiti. Brad and his wife, Vanessa, have 3 children and are full-time, hands on directors at the Hope Compound.

Some of the Lord's accomplishments working through Mission of Hope include:
  • Church of Hope - The Church of Hope exists to lead people into loving God more deeply and to love others more. The Church of Hope staff includes Senior Pastor Josue. He has been with MOH in Haiti since December, 2004.  He has a vision to reach his nation and a gift for communicating God's Word. Each week he is on the national radio giving "Words of Hope" to over 3 million listeners.

    Pastor Claudel Senat is the Music Pastor at Church of Hope. Claudel is a gifted musician, but more than that, he listens to the Lord and is led by the Holy Spirit. He directs a youth choir of over 60 young people, leads the chapel worship for all the school children and leads worship during the church services. Claudel has made two CD's in the United States and travels a couple of times a year to lead worship in churches throughout the U.S.

    The Youth Pastor at Church of Hope is Pastor Wesley. He is a young man that has grown up at the mission and is currently in college studying to be an accountant. Wesley was our Children's Pastor. He did such a good job of training his team that now they have taken over the Children's Ministry and he can focus on the Youth Ministry team. He is a blessing.

    Sadrac and Jean Ronald are two of the many who lead the Children's Ministry. They have around 250-300 children each Sunday. They do a great job of communicating God's word in a way the children can understand. Sadrac is a senior at our School of Hope and will be in our first graduating class on June 23, 2006. Jean Ronald is a junior in our school and is one of the 43 kids at the Hope House Orphanage.

  • School of Hope - The School of Hope exists to provide quality Christ-centered education. Their school sponsorship program is a way to assist children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend school. School lunch provides hungry children meals in Haiti. Twenty cents buys a mean of beans and rice for primary students.

  • Hope House - The Hope House currently has 47 children which will be provided housing, food, health care, education and discipleship so they can grow up to be Godly people.
Mission teams from the United States go to Haiti 3 or 4 times per year. Customized mission trips can be arranged by contacting Bob and Sharon Johnson at Hope Missions Outreach, 35556 West 200th Avenue, PO Box 73, Bethany, MO  64424 or via email at hmomhr@grm.net.

Brad Johnson, Haiti Director   |   Otis Garrison, US Director   |   Email: brad@mohhaiti.org   |   Website: www.missionofhopehaiti.org


A Letter from the President of Mission of Hope Haiti

Dear Mission of Hope Friends and Family,

Thank you for your prayers and praise the Lord that the vast majority of Haiti avoided a direct impact from tropical storm Isaac. Although the worst-case scenario was not realized, the amount of rain that comes with even the outer bands of these storms can be very damaging in Haiti. With sustained winds of over 60 miles per hour and 12 hours of rain, the need for disaster relief is reiterated time and time again.

It is widely known that there are over 400k people still displaced from the earthquake of 2010, causing an even greater impact with potential floods and mud slides. Thanks to many of you, and your past faithfulness, we are able to respond quickly to the needs of people in our area as well as partners through Haiti One, all around the country.

Please take this time to consider an investment in our vision and our ability to meet the needs around us. Your support continues to help us to pursue life transformation for every man, woman and child in Haiti. Donate now >>

In Him,

Brad Johnson
Mission of Hope Haiti

Mission of Hope Haiti

Get updates and photos on Isaac's impact at Mission of Hope, Haiti on our website and Facebook page.


Christian Service International
  • Fan Fan School - Fan Fan is a Haitian native that works for Christian Service International. He translates and works with teams going to Haiti. Fan Fan had a dream one day to have a school to educate the Haitian children. Teams that Fan Fan worked with decided to help build a school in his honor.

  • HOPE Orphanage (C.S.I.) - The H.O.P.E. Center for Orphaned Girls, Bouquets, Haiti – The H.O.P.E. Center accepted the first of the twenty girls to be raised in this loving, Christian, family environment.